Quarantine Adventures: Day 9

My girlfriend apologized for her itchy vagina being treated for a yeast infection, by doing her best to satisfy me with a few blowjobs every now and then. A few nights ago she danced around in a sexy night gown to really turn me on, played some tonsil hockey with me, then had me jerk off on her tits. All that was great, even if she did wipe it all away right afterwards, but it just couldn't wait to get my cock back in her pussy where it belonged. Then yesterday we had some fun by joining me in the shower, and was really sexy with the water going down her hair as she bobbed on my man-meat until I finished off coating her face in my sticky white glaze for the few seconds until she washed it off, but it really isn't the same as actual fucking. Though on the plus side I didn't need to use my last condom yet, and I knew I'd have to go out and search for more soon.Anyway, today while we were watching TV on my couch we heard some shouting out in the apartment complex hallway. Always being the curious type, my girlfriend went to the door of our apartment and looked out to see what was happening while I hung back. I didn't want to get involved in whatever stupid domestic situation was being caused by people being kooked up together for do long, but being no longer muffled by the closed door we could hear the words clearly shouted down the hallway."Get outta here, ya damn Chink!" a man yelled, and I was instantly on my feet. "This plague is all your fault!" I heard, and then after I pushed past my stunned girlfriend and was almost running down the hall to where a sixty year old asshole stood over a young Asian woman crying on her knees, her groceries spilled all over the floor around her as she must have just come back for shopping. He raised his fist again, but in a blur of speed that felt like a comic book instead of real life, I was there to catch his first before he could strike her again."It takes a big fucking asshole to beat up a little girl!" I growled, pushing him away so forcefully that he bounced off the wall behind him. "Get the fuck back in your apartment and if you do much as look at her again I'll break your fucking arm!" I was serious as a heart attack, and I could see that I put the fear of God in him as I'd intended. He didn’t even say anything as he ran back to his apartment and slammed the door shut behind him."Don’t worry about that guy," I said calmly, holding my hand out to the small Asian girl still cowering on the floor of the hallway. She just looked at my hand like at dead fish for a moment, but then she did hesitantly take it and stand back up. It was only afterwards I thought how stupid it was too go touching two strangers during this quarantine, but I just figured I'd have to wash my hands when I got back to my place. "Are you okay?" I asked, squatting down to help her pick up the cans and food that was scattered during the altercation."Good, good," she answered in a choppy fashion. Maybe she didn't know much English, but since that's all she said, I didn't know. I rebagged what I'd picked up, and she'd been doing the same, then just retreated down there hall to another door and looked at me again, kind of weird, starting into my soul type look. I wondered if she was alone, I thought so, since I'd not seen anyone else living with her since she moved in last year, but she hardly looked older than a teenager. "Tank you," she said, then closed the door. I returned to my apartment, and was going to talk to my girlfriend about it, but after I got back inside she wasn't by the door any longer, and not in the living room, not the kitchen.I washed my hands and wondered where she's gotten off to, though didn't have to wait long, because she was waiting for me in the living room as I walked back in from the kitchen, leaving up against the wall in her sexy red lingerie that she's gotten for me just this Valentine's day, one hand on her breasts, and the other caressing her crotch, her eyes closed and just showing off how sexy she could be."I need you, right now," she moaned at me, and who was I to argue? I took her in my arms and kissed her hard, knowing the signs she gives when she wants me to dominate her. Most of the time she liked to be in charge, blowing me, having me eat her out, telling me what she wanted, or just riding me, and don't get me wrong, I love it. She's smart and funny, and one of the things I love most is usually she just says what she wants, but sometimes I can tell she wants something she can't bring herself to say out loud: to be treated like a cheap whore.It's usually after we watch a horror or action flick with a studly star, especially if there's a suggestive or hot scene in it, and then she gets frisky with me right afterwards. I always figured she was imagining I was that hero once we turned out the lights. Some guys might get jealous, but I couldn't blame her. Lord knows that more than a few times I've fantasized about fucking porn starlets or other actresses when I've been balls deep in her as well. Besides, she gets really slutty when I play it up for her, and I love how she moans when I'm biting her neck and mauling her tits just enough to excite with a pinch of pain to feel real, but not enough to hurt her. Though this is probably the first time I could think of when she was like this for me alone.We never left the living room, just kissing and letting me roughly grope her silk covered body until we couldn't stand it any longer. I spun her around and pressed my jean covered bulge right in her ass crack, pressing her hard against the wall as I took a handful of her sexy red panties and pulled up hard. She gasped as the fabric and I gave her a hard wedgie until the snap finally came loose and opened the way for me to access her cunt directly.I nibbled on her neck as my fingers found their way down her ass and between her legs, probing for her soft folds, eager and wet, just as I had expected. There was no more foreplay. I unbuttoned my jeans, pushed my cock through the front flap of my boxers, and bent my knees just enough to line up, then buried my hard cock in her moist cunt."Yesss," she hissed with satisfaction as I entered her, then took a good hold off her hips and started pounding her up against the wall. I was hard, fast, and loud, though not as loud as she was. I'm sure our neighbors could hear the rhythmic thumping shaking the walls as our bodies forcefully collided over and over again, but I didn't care. This was the first pussy I had in almost a week, and condom-free thanks to her desperate desire, so I wasn't going to waste a second of it.I wasn't even really thinking about it yet, though I could feel my impending desire building when she moaned, her mouth pressed against the wall on it's side with one of my hands forcefully pinning her head there, "Give it to me, give it to me now! Ahhh!"She'd already orgasmed once, I could tell by her moans just after we'd started, but I hadn't let that slow me down until I got my fill and held on until I got her back to that perfect blend of tight and spasming. My knees were getting a little sore from fucking her raw for the last five minutes straight, but then with her being for it I felt her tighten up and cum for a second time. That was the heaven I wanted, so I let loose and only a moment later I pushed deep one last time and injected her womb full of my seed, leaving my body the same way I'd been fucking her, hard, fast, and hot."Shit!" she gasped as I was sure she felt my sperm burn her uterus as I emptied myself into her, hoping she found half as much pleasure from the feeling of being filled as I got from being drained. The way the world just brightened up, and my whole body became a wonderfully relaxed and numb noodle, collapsing onto the sofa. "I'm leaking all over," she playfully complained a few moments later as she wobbled out of the room on shaking legs to the bathroom to clean up.I looked down at my softening phallus still poking up out of my pants, red with what must be her period blood, and understanding now why she got so horny and let me fuck without the condom. I didn't mind, though I knew it made her self-conscience. As much as I loved the idea of having kids, it totally freaked her out. That was why I still had to use condoms, even though she was already on the pill, only getting to experience her raw a few days out of every month when she was sure it was impossible to get knocked up. And even then she hated all the mess of the blood, sometimes enough to make her gag and puke in the bathroom.I got up and grabbed a paper towel from the kitchen to clean up the biggest gobs of blood and cum from my groin, and another to wipe away the splatter trail she left on her way to the toilet. When I caught up to her she'd already discarded the lingerie and was showering off, so I joined her. Both of us happy and exhaustively giggling at how amazing each other had been.To be continued....Follow my erotic story blog on Tumblr: www.tumblr.com/blog/view/efon-sanguinbullAnd download my erotic ebooks at Smashwords: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/efon









Quarantine Adventures: Day 9